I have always loved pbotography and I lack the eye of an artist. When I bought a camera last year I found that what I do have is an eye for relationship. I have been photographing my horses as they move across our land and had the feedback that watching the photographs is like being in the herd. And this is indeed what I try to capture – the moment of being here in this herd with a relation to my subject.

Based on my photos of the horses my horse massage therapist asked me to capture her at work – in doing that I enjoyed capturing her in the photos and also helping her see the stories these photos told about her relation with both the horses and her clients. When we see ourselves in our herd we learn something about the herd and ourselves – we can capture how we are at our best and have this picture as reminder helping us to re-find that best self through busyness or circumstance we have lost connection to it.

The photographs can also be used to communicate with our audience about who we are and what we stand for.

As this is a new inspiration I am still looking for people who are interested in experiencing the process of being photographed among their/a herd and are willing to explore what herdphotography might mean. Are you interested? Send me a message here and I will be in touch.